Wireless Internet

Connected to the World

  • DesertGate Wireless is one of San Miguel County’s and the City of Las Vegas’s Premiere LOCAL ISP’s. They have managed to set up numerous towers throughout San Miguel that helps get residents connected to affordable high speed internet! They also provide Free Hotspot access points in the city of Las Vegas at the following locations in association with these businesses and the city of Las Vegas.
  • Local Wireless Hotspots:

  • El Fidel Hotel
    JCs Pizza
    Charlies Bakery and Cafe
    Super 8 Motel
    Plaza Hotel
    Regal Motel
    Johhny’s Mexican Kitchen
    Genesys Computers
    KOA Las Vegas
    Pendaries RV Park
    Travelers World Cafe
    Las Vegas RV Park
    North Gonzales Hotspot
    Comfort Inn

What is WIFI? And, How Does it Work?

Faster than Satellite, DSL and Dial Up services Wireless Internet Provides the added Conveniance of Wire free Connections and mobility.

Wireless Internet uses wireless signals to transmit Internet service to subscribers’ computers at speeds that far exceed those provided by traditional telephone-line based Internet services.

Wifi Spots have been made available for the various Film Companies that come thru Lsa Vegas adding to our cities value and conveniance as a place for film projects. Click here to learn more about films shot in and around Las vegas New Mexico!

Learn More about Desertgate wireless internet Services at their site!